Jörg von Walcke, Co-CEO of Resycure attended Finance Summit 2023

Finance Summit 2023 | September 14, 2023 | Stuttgart, Germany

About the event

The Finance Summit in Stuttgart is the ultimate nexus of Finance, Real Economy, and Politics, facilitating crucial connections between participants and key decision-makers in these sectors. This unique event boasts top-tier speakers, prestigious guests, and exclusive venues, fostering an innovative platform for leaders to engage. The Summit unfolds across 3 stages, hosts 9 panels, offers an expansive exhibition area, captivating workshops, and more. At the Stuttgart Finance Summit, thought leaders from diverse industries convene to dissect prevailing market trends, share insights, and forge invaluable connections.

Resycure’s  presence at Finance Summit 2023

Jörg von Walcke, the Co-CEO of Resycure, recently had the privilege of attending the Finance Summit 2023, where he witnessed an array of remarkable highlights. The event featured eight captivating start-up pitches, each encompassing a diverse range of topics, spanning from water conservation to cybersecurity. What truly stood out, however, was the assembly of open-minded individuals who shared a common dedication to shaping a better future.

One particularly special moment was when Jörg von Walcke had the honor of representing Resycure during the final pitch session. This opportunity not only showcased Resycure’s innovative vision but also underscored the company’s commitment to making a meaningful impact on the future of finance and sustainability.

Looking ahead

In his thoughtful reflection, Jörg von Walcke underscored the pivotal role of passion and enthusiasm in one’s professional journey. He stressed the significance of not only pursuing one’s goals but also relishing the process. Jörg expressed his sincere appreciation to the event organizers, whose insightful guidance at the Finance Summit 2023 left an indelible mark. The event, where the forces of knowledge, innovation, and collaborative spirit merged, served as a powerful catalyst for shaping a more promising and enlightened future in the world of finance and sustainability.

Empowering Circular Economy through Chemovator’s support and BASF collaboration

VentureCapital Magazine | June 2023 | Germany

Resycure is tackling the recycling problem and is being supported by Chemovator, the business incubator of BASF. Our founders, Michel Weinketz and Joerg Von Walcke had the opportunity to share their insights in an exclusive interview with VentureCapital Magazin. Learn how Resycure is playing a pivotal role in closing the loop in plastics recycling.

 VC Magazin: What contribution does Resycure make to the circular economy?

Von Walcke: The recycling market is broken, and the transition is too slow. Consumer goods companies have set targets for the use of recycled materials but struggle with an opaque, highly complex, and often locally focused market. To increase the proportion of recycled plastics, we collaborate closely with brand owners and packaging manufacturers worldwide, consolidating their demand for similar plastic packaging. Recycling companies also benefit from the consolidated volume. For example, if a company has a demand of 500 tons per year for shampoo bottles in Europe, our model consolidates this volume to 8,000 to 10,000 tons per year and uses collective purchasing power to ensure that they not only have better commercial conditions with recycling companies but also have priority in delivery and reduced risk in long-term contracts in a tight market. At the same time, recycling companies benefit from the consolidated volume by scaling their business models and investing in improved quality.

VC Magazin: How does the collaboration with Chemovator unfold?

Weinketz: Chemovator offers some unique advantages. Apart from financial support, we are provided with experienced mentors from the startup scene. They act as both supervisory board members and advisors, sharing their own practical experiences with us. Moreover, being associated with BASF is a significant advantage, as it opens doors to many large customers and organizations that are otherwise challenging for a startup in its early stages to reach.

VC Magazin: From your perspective, how could external startups benefit from Chemovator?

Von Walcke: We would recommend Chemovator to startups that can truly leverage the “unfair advantage” of connecting with BASF. This could be either because their business model complements solutions in the chemical industry or because BASF’s global B2B environment, as the world’s largest chemical company, can help startups open doors, gain customers, and quickly validate assumptions.

The article has been translated from German to English by Resycure. 

Source: VC Magazin

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Jörg von Walcke, Co-CEO of Resycure attended InterPack 2023

Interpack 2023 | May 4-10, 2023 | Düsseldorf, Germany

Resycure’s impactful presence at Interpack 2023

Jörg von Walcke, the Co-CEO of Resycure, recently participated in Interpack 2023, a prestigious event held in Düsseldorf, Germany. This event served as an excellent platform for networking and provided engaging seminars and presentations on crucial topics such as sustainability, digitalization, and automation in the packaging industry. Resycure, an Impact Startup within Chemovator, BASF‘s Venture Incubator, showcased its groundbreaking business model that revolutionizes the circular economy. The event offered attendees a unique opportunity to connect with Resycure and explore the future of sustainable packaging.

Resycure’s revolutionary business model

Resycure’s innovative approach incentivizes and simplifies plastic recycling, enabling Brand Owners, Converters, and Manufacturers of all sizes to secure long-term supply agreements with Recyclers. By meeting specific volume needs and specifications under favorable conditions, Resycure minimizes risk and facilitates the adoption of sustainable practices. Resycure’s commitment to sustainability and the circular economy was highlighted by Jörg von Walcke, Co-CEO of Resycure, during his insightful presentations and discussions at Interpack 2023.

Exploring the future of sustainable packaging

At the event, attendees had the opportunity to engage with Resycure and gain valuable insights into the transformative potential of post-consumer recycled materials. Jörg von Walcke passionately discussed the benefits of sustainable packaging, emphasizing Resycure’s dedication to creating a more environmentally friendly future. The presence of Resycure at Interpack 2023 allowed industry professionals to witness firsthand the innovative solutions offered by the company and understand the crucial role it plays in advancing sustainable practices.

Collaboration with BASF

During the event, Jörg von Walcke also took the opportunity to visit the BASF stand and learn more about the company’s offerings. BASF, a renowned chemical company, provided a valuable platform for Resycure to explore potential collaborations and synergies in their shared vision for a sustainable future. This interaction further strengthened the network of industry professionals committed to driving positive change in the packaging industry.

Looking ahead

Resycure’s presence at Interpack 2023 was an unmissable opportunity for industry professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and discuss the future of sustainable packaging. Resycure’s groundbreaking business model and commitment to the circular economy have positioned Resycure as a key player in driving positive change in the industry. To stay updated on Resycure’s advancements and contributions to sustainable packaging, visit our website at

Interpack 2023 provided an excellent platform for Resycure, an Impact Startup within Chemovator, to showcase our revolutionary business model that simplifies and incentivizes plastic recycling. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with Resycure and gain insights into the transformative potential of sustainable packaging. The event also facilitated collaboration with BASF, further strengthening the network of industry professionals dedicated to advancing sustainability. Resycure’s presence at Interpack 2023 reinforced its commitment to creating a circular economy and a more environmentally friendly future.

Team Resycure attended Plastic Recycling Show 2023

Plastic Recycling Show Europe | May 10-11, 2023 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Team Resycure at PRSE 2023

Resycure is a startup originating from Chemovator – the business incubator of BASF – dedicated to reducing plastic waste on a global scale. As Resycure Team we want to express our gratitude to BASF for their tremendous support and the opportunity to join forces at PRSE 2023.

At PRSE 2023 in Amsterdam, Michel Weinketz, Co-CEO, and Harshavardhan Gowda, Head of Sales, represented our Impact Startup, Resycure. Our team had the privilege of joining BASF in an impressive booth, where we leveraged synergies to benefit our clients. We showcased how Resycure drives positive change in the circular economy industry, building a more sustainable world.

We unveiled our B2B solutions at the event.

Our Co-Ceo, Michel Weinketz, and head of sales, Harshavardhan Gowda were thrilled to showcase our B2B solutions at this premier event. The team was on hand to provide insights into our B2B Solutions for Brand Owners, Converters, Manufacturers, and Packaging Suppliers and answered the questions they had about our B2B solutions in plastic recycling.

At Resycure, our mission as an Impact Startup is to assist Brand Owners, Manufacturers, and Converters in the home care, cosmetics, personal care, and food industries. We strive to understand their specific requirements for rPP, rHDPE, and rPET. By strategically bundling similar grades and product applications, we achieve economies of scale, enabling us to deliver larger volumes to our carefully chosen recycling partners. In our commitment to building strong and lasting partnerships, we prioritize supply agreements that span two years or more. This approach provides Recyclers with the security they need to effectively manage their inventory, feedstock, and investments.

Resycure actively seeks reputable Recyclers capable of consistently delivering high-quality materials while demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to growth, investment, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. In addition, we offer valuable connections to technology partners and potential sources of financing for Recyclers who meet these criteria.

Collaborating with Resycure empowers Recyclers to enhance their profit margins by satisfying customers with reduced costs, even amidst unpredictable market conditions. Our strategic approach facilitates entry into the fragmented SME market, ensuring optimized inventory management, stability, and transparent pricing. By overcoming challenges posed by fluctuating market prices for virgin plastics, Recyclers can effectively navigate industry dynamics and establish a sustainable and prosperous business trajectory.

The highlight of the event

Plastics Recycling Show Europe 2023, held in the captivating city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, served as an unparalleled gathering of recycling industry professionals. This distinguished event provided an exceptional platform to showcase the latest advancements, breakthrough technologies, and innovative solutions in the realm of plastics recycling. Attending professionals had the unique privilege to engage in meaningful networking, forging connections with industry peers, while gaining profound insights from esteemed experts in the field.

The event offered remarkable networking opportunities, fostering collaborations and igniting transformative discussions aimed at driving positive change and propelling the industry towards a more sustainable future. It served as a gateway to unlock unparalleled knowledge and expertise, ensuring attendees were equipped with the cutting-edge insights necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of plastics recycling.

Our engaging discussions during the event only served to reinforce our steadfast commitment towards assisting Recyclers in attaining substantial volumes, facilitating strategic investments, and fostering remarkable growth. Furthermore, we remain dedicated to empowering Brand Owners, Converters, and Manufacturers by ensuring they secure the vital PCR plastic volumes they require, characterized by exceptional quality and competitive pricing. Plastics Recycling Show Europe 2023 has further affirmed our alignment with this mission, inspiring us to continue delivering exceptional results and spearheading positive change within the industry.

Unlock the potential of our B2B Solutions – contact us TODAY!

Are you eager to explore the boundless possibilities of our B2B solutions? Take the first step towards securing your PCR materials with zero investments and minimal risk. Reach out to us now to schedule a consultation with one of our esteemed experts. Our dedicated team will guide you through the transformative process, demonstrating how our solutions can empower your business to thrive in the realm of plastics recycling.

During the consultation, our experts will delve into the intricacies of your unique requirements, tailoring a strategy that aligns seamlessly with your goals. We will unveil the extensive benefits of our innovative approach, showcasing how we can optimize your supply chain, drive down costs, and ensure a steady stream of high-quality PCR materials.

Chemovator celebrated its 5th birthday!

Chemovator 5th Birthday | May 10, 2023 | Mannheim, Germany

About Chemovator

Chemovator, the business incubator of BASF, recently celebrated its momentous 5th birthday on May 10, 2023, in Mannheim, Germany. Chemovator supports venture teams to turn great business proposals into scalable and investable business opportunities. Chemovator leverages the unique connection to BASF knowledge and domain expertise, ambitious founders, industry partners, universities, investors and the entrepreneurship ecosystem to create deep tech opportunities that truly matter for our industry.

Chemovator 5th Birthday

The Chemovator 5th Birthday celebration was a remarkable event that Resycure, as part of the Chemovator community, had the pleasure of joining. The occasion served as an opportunity to reflect on the incredible journey of the past five years, highlighting notable milestones and unveiling exciting plans for the future. The event featured a series of engaging speakers, providing valuable insights, and fostering networking opportunities. Attendees were treated to a delightful spread of delicious food and enjoyed the ambiance created by good music.

During this momentous celebration, Chemovator also announced a significant milestone in its journey—one that will have a transformative impact on the chemical industry. This announcement represents a pivotal moment that will shape the future direction of Chemovator and further solidify its role as a driving force of innovation.

As the Resycure team, we eagerly anticipate the years ahead, filled with groundbreaking innovations and passionate venture teams at Chemovator. We remain committed to collaborating with Chemovator and contributing to their mission of fostering entrepreneurship and driving sustainable growth in the chemical industry.

For more information about Chemovator and its initiatives, please visit

Matching supply with demand for recycled plastic needs

Brand Owners are being pressured by legislation and taxes to decrease plastic waste by designing packaging for recycling and using as little virgin plastic as feasible. This reduction in waste is achieved by reducing the weight of the packaging, incorporating post-consumer recycled plastic, and designing product packaging for enhanced circularity.

To accomplish their 2025 goals, however,
 more than 60 of the most influential Brand Owners are anticipated to still require an additional 6 million tonnes of recycled plastic annually. Using recycled plastic in packaging can be more expensive and difficult than using virgin plastic – aspects such as regulatory requirements, processing characteristics, and material quality for different product types and components are often top of mind of Brand Owners and Packaging Converters.

Securing the future supply of quality PCR plastic

The quality aspect of this challenge is found in the long and complex qualification process Brand Owners face to identify, test, approve, and control recycled material quality. Brand Owners and Recyclers are building new knowledge of which recycled material grades can be used for each brand product without risk to product performance or safety, but it is challenging to release material at a production batch level as well as for brands to commit commercially to long-term volumes.

Many Recyclers are eager to invest in securing feedstock, new technology, and processes and expanding capacity, however, they will not do so without securing long-term demand. Most brands are not in a position to offer this security alone, either because they do not have enough volume in a particular region, or because it is too much of a financial risk without long-term assurance of quality and without flexibility regarding future volumes.

Resycure, a startup from Chemovator, the BASF venture incubator, aims to solve this challenge with a platform to improve the economics of recycling and facilitate matching plastic quality demanded by Brands Owners to long-term supply by Recyclers globally – it is not another spot market but instead a platform for securing long-term contracts.

The venture is working towards becoming the biggest marketplace for matching brand quality requirements to recycler material globally. To increase volume, Resycure bundles demand across brands for similar product needs and works with Recyclers to offer the right quality as well as more transparent and stable prices. Brand Owners can commit to forecasted resin demand with more flexibility and secure enough PCR plastic to meet their needs, at a fair price.

Improving the amount of material recycled into new packaging

Total PCR demand from brands is growing annually as more recycled content is implemented per product and as regional taxes close the cost gap between virgin and recycled material. Brand Owners, Converters, and Recyclers have achieved much progress in PCR use in cosmetics and home care, however, aligning processes, acceptable quality, commercial conditions, and risk must improve to better match possible supply to needed demand. For example, most Brand Owners’ demand for polyolefins is for natural and white recycled material, which is only a small percent of the color available, so more needs to be done to help match possibilities with other colors.

The first Brand Owners and Recyclers piloting Resycure are currently focused in the Americas and Europe, where traceability of material and certification are very important. Resycure is also working to help Recyclers secure investments in better technology to meet the high-level requirements of the cosmetic industry for rPP and rHDPE – for both better machinery, new processes (i.e. hot wash), and chemistry (i.e.) additives for odor.

Resycure’s goal is to strongly improve recycling rates globally, and to do this, our Co-founder, Michel Weinketz believes that we need to think and procure differently than today to solve the economics of recycling and make a difference in the circular economy – and building an ecosystem is a big part of it. Our co-founder Jörg von Walcke also sees the opportunity for Recyclers to harmonize their PCR material grades to match the specific packaging component and product needs.

About the author: Robert Hughes, Packaging Lead at Resycure

He is a packaging expert with over 10 years of experience developing Food & Personal Care products for large and small brands, optimizing packaging for sustainability, design, and value. Previously located in the UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands, he is currently in Germany and enjoying working with global teams.

Solving the recycled materials supply conundrum

In order to achieve their packaging sustainability goals, brand owners will require far more recycled material than they currently have access to. Michel Weinketz, CEO of Resycure (part of Chemovator), takes a closer look at this tension and the potential solutions.

According to “The 2023 Circularity Gap Report” by Circle Economy global circularity has decreased, going from 9.1% in 2018 to, in 2020 to 7.2% in 2023 as a result of increased material extraction. This creates a significant circularity gap because the world relies almost entirely on virgin materials. This indicates that more than 90% of materials are lost, wasted, or permanently locked into a stock that cannot be reused. From the report, it can be concluded that businesses and policymakers must take immediate action for a circular economy.

To accelerate the world’s transition to a circular economy, new business models should be designed by the industry for the industry with long-lasting results.

Actionable and immediate solutions must be taken: The move to recycled plastic

Brand Owners are being pressured by legislation and taxes to decrease plastic waste by designing packaging for recycling and using as little virgin plastic as feasible. This reduction is partially accomplished by reducing the weight of the packaging and switching to post-consumer recycled plastic and enhancing the circularity of product packaging are the among main requirements.

To accomplish their 2025 goal, however, more than 60 of the most influential Brand Owners are anticipated to still require an additional 6 million tonnes of recycled plastic annually. Implementing recycled plastic into packaging is often more expensive and difficult than using virgin plastic – things like regulatory requirements, processing characteristics, and material quality are often top of mind of brand owners and packaging converters. Furthermore, if the market is getting shorter what are the specific challenges for Brand Owners to purchase and secure volumes of recycled material?

There are five major challenges that nowadays Brand Owners are currently facing when attempting to buy recycled material in the market.

Intransparent markets create resource-intensive procurement activities

The lack of price transparency in the current market – which Recyclers can provide which grade to which volume, combined with a fairly fragmented market and a strong mix of small, medium, and a few large players – forces Brand Owners to invest in upstream procurement capabilities, that can prove time-consuming and expensive, in particular outside their core markets.

Lower procurement volumes from brand owners lead to low priority by recyclers

Many medium and large Brand Owners have relevant volumes for packaging; however, their PCR resin demand is often relatively low compared to the capacity of a recycling plant and also compared with the biggest Brand Owners that have huge volumes. This means that Recyclers are often not willing to invest in improving processes to meet the quality requirements of companies with low volumes or push them to the end of the line when a larger volume is available.

Long and complex qualification process

For Brand Owners and Recyclers, there is a long and complex process to identify, test, approve, and control recycled material quality, especially for use in food and cosmetics – this process can easily take over 12 months.

No harmonized specifications for both Recyclers and Brand Owners

There is no “standard” quality requirement for PCR defined for specific applications – each Brand Owner defines its own, which makes it harder for Recyclers to meet a multitude of different specifications for multiple clients. This also makes the procurement process much more complex – it becomes hard to compare products and price proposals.

Long-term demand is not secured

Many Recyclers are eager to invest and grow, however, they will not do so without securing long-term demand and relevant volumes to justify their own ROI. Most Brand Owners are not in the position to offer this security, either because they do not have enough volume in that particular region, or because it is too much of a financial risk to commit to a long-term supply agreement in a “take or pay” contract without knowing how its products will perform in the market.

These five challenges combined create a “chicken and egg” situation, that prevents Brand Owners and Converters to secure the volumes they need and also prevents Recyclers to invest and grow.

Solutions for brand owners to overcome challenges to buy recycled plastic and secure their PCR goals

It’s clear that legislation, industry associations, and EPR schemes will play a critical role in changing the situation. That being said, if we want to accelerate the change, we also need pragmatic, market-driven approaches that can deliver solutions in the short term, incentivize recycling and enable Brand Owners to transition to a circular economy and grow the market faster.

There is a need for neutral players that can work together with Brand Owners, Converters and Recyclers to break this chicken-and-egg situation. One example is Resycure, a German venture that is working to break the silos between the relevant players and wants not only to help companies in securing their long-term PCR volumes with no investments or large volume commitments but also leverage that to give security and a positive business case for Recyclers to invest.

Start-ups like that and fast-moving companies are in a perfect position to disrupt the market with innovative business models, giving it the boost it needs so badly.

Michel Weinketz is a Brazilian living in Germany for quite some time now. He has over 16 years of experience in the B2B and chemical industry and is one of the founders of Resycure, a startup in the circular economy that is part of Chemovator, the BASF venture incubator program.