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Unlock the benefits of collective purchasing power via our platform.
Join our bundle
Enjoy fair prices, even on smaller volumes, and secure priority supply through our contracts.
Join our bundle
Increase volume flexibility to reduce risk, and experience higher quality products with increased transparency.
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Join our current rPET bundle in Europe!

Get access to PCR rPET in Europe!

Discover the future of rPET sourcing by joining our exclusive collective purchasing Initiative for B2B Brand Owners in the Food and Personal Care/Cosmetics Markets. Embrace the power of collaboration and secure your supply of premium rPET for Food and Personal Care/Cosmetics product packaging in Europe. Do not miss the opportunity to join our groundbreaking demand bundle and be part of our ambitious 5,000 tonnes/year rPET PCR procurement program. 

By joining today, you will unlock the following benefits:

  • Leverage your existing demand to strengthen our bundle and reduce your rPET PCR costs by up to 5% 
  • Expedite your development timeline, saving 3-4 months of valuable time & resources
  • Ensure consistent PCR material quality for exceptional compliance and performance in your products
  • Reduce risks in take-or-pay contracts with up to 30% volume flexibility per quarter and the option to transfer volumes to other participants 
  • Obtain long-term, stable contracts exceeding 2 years with transparent index pricing for complete peace of mind

Act now – spaces in our demand bundle are filling up fast! Secure your spot today and experience the transformational power of collaboration in the Food and Personal Care/Cosmetics Markets.

Why choose Resycure?

Achieve your sustainability goals without sacrificing margins 

Resycure enables Brand Owners, Manufacturers, and Converters to obtain transparent pricing and attractive discounts, even on smaller volumes. Our demand bundling approach guarantees reserved recycler capacity for our clients, fostering a cost-effective and sustainable procurement process for all parties involved.

Your demand matters, and you are in control 

Resycure combines your PCR demand with the volumes from other companies for similar applications. We use these aggregated volumes to negotiate better supply agreements with Recyclers, encouraging them to invest in improved processes. If your needs change, you can effortlessly transfer part of your contracted quantity to other participants. You’ll sign contracts directly with recyclers, complete with transparent price formulas. Plus, we will support you every step of the way.

Partner with top-tier Recyclers committed to sustainability and transparent reporting

Resycure meticulously selects partner recyclers based on quality, consistency, compliance, and a growth mindset. We only consider recyclers that already serve the packaging industry for similar applications as yours. All partners must possess a robust ESG framework, and we will calculate their specific Carbon Footprint to help you report your Scope 3 savings.

How does it work?

We consolidate your demand for PCR with the volumes from other companies for similar applications. We use these larger volumes to negotiate supply agreements with Recyclers at better conditions and give them a reason to invest in better processes. And if you need less than planned, you can easily transfer part of your contracted quantity to other participants. You sign the contracts directly with Recyclers, with transparent price formulas. And we help you along the way if you need it.

About us

As an Impact Startup within Chemovator, BASF’s Venture Incubator, we are revolutionizing the circular economy by introducing a new business model that simplifies and incentivizes plastic recycling. Resycure makes it easier for small, medium, and large Brand Owners and Converters to sign long-term supply agreements with Recyclers, ensuring their demand volumes and specifications at favorable conditions without high commitments or risk. Our diverse core team, hailing from Germany, Brazil, India, and the UK, boasts over 45 years of combined B2B experience in packaging, recycling, logistics, and sustainability.

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