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Unlock the benefits of collective purchasing power via our platform.
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Join our current rHDPE bundle in Europe!

Get access to 5000 tonnes/year of PCR rHDPE in Europe!

As Resycure we help you access to up to 5000 tonnes/year of rHDPE in Europe matching your desired quality for home care packaging. Participate in our bundle before the deadline closes to explore the possibility to reduce your PCR spend up to 5%, speed up matching by 3-4 months, and secure quality rHDPE in Europe for your home packaging applications. Do not miss this opportunity and join our bundle in Europe to secure up to 5000 tonnes/year of PCR rHDPE for home care packaging. 

The bundle is filling-up fast!

Why should you join the bundle now?  

  • Secure quality PCR plastic for your home care product packaging easier, faster, and cheaper.

  • Save 3-4 months of development time & resources!

  • Get access to consistent PCR material quality for your product compliance and performance!

  • Participate with your existing volume to reduce your PCR spend by 5%!

  • De-risk take or pay with up to 30% volume flexibility!

  • Get access to more than 2-year period contracts with stable and transparent index pricing!

How does it work?

We consolidate your demand for PCR with the volumes from other companies for similar applications. We use these larger volumes to negotiate supply agreements with recyclers at better conditions and give them a reason to invest in better processes. And if you need less than planned, you can easily transfer part of your contracted quantity to other participants. You sign the contracts directly with recyclers, with transparent price formulas. And we help you along the way if you need it.

Who are we?

We are an Impact Startup part of Chemovator, the BASF Venture Incubator. We bring a new business model to the circular economy that creates practical, realistic solutions that will incentivize and increase plastic recycling. With Resycure it is easier for small, medium, and large Brand Owners and Converters to sign long-term supply agreements with Recyclers, securing their demand volumes and specifications at good conditions without the need for high commitments and at low risk. Our core team with an international background (including Germany, Brazil, India and UK) holds 45+ combined years of B2B experience in packaging, recycling, and logistics & sustainability know-how.

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