With Resycure trading recycled plastic is easier, faster and cheaper.
We help Recyclers to gain clients, larger volumes, and invest in better technologies and growth.
We provide Recyclers with the ability to eliminate future supply uncertainty.
We grant Recyclers direct access to large global Brand Owners, Converters, and Manufacturers.
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Trading recycled plastic is a complex, risky and time-consuming process

Increased process costs: small customized volumes from companies

Uncertainty to invest: no long-term commitments

High Margin losses: up to 30% by trading on spot trading platforms

 Delayed sales process: delayed sales and no additional sales revenues

No direct access to companies: lack of direct interaction with companies

How to secure higher PCR plastic volumes in long-term?

1. Get a company investment

(+) Strong investment security

(-) Limited and restricted to one brand/geography/market

(-) Not many brands are willing to do this

(-) Low leverage in negotiations, margins and volumes

2. Spot trading platforms

(+) Guaranteed trading​

(-) Very high margin losses​

(-) No direct relationships with brands​

(-) No potential for future volumes trading

3. Work with us

(+) Strong demand security

(+) Huge volume assurance for investments

(+) Shortened sales cycle

(+) Improved margins

(+) Direct access to global companies

Your benefits with us

Focus on long-term contracts negotiated and signed directly between Buyers and Recyclers

Bundled demand to increase volumes to assure ROI on technological investments

Transparent price formulas and conditions, linked with available indexes

Build strong relationships with large companies by knowing their requirements

Simplification – we harmonize and qualify specifications from Recyclers and Buyers

Support in the selling process, incl. samples request and communication with companies

Generate additional revenue by trading GHG emissions and other sustainability data​

Broker fees paid to Resycure upon signing; payment to Recyclers upon delivery


Get access to long-term PCR material supply with us faster, easier and cheaper!