Jörg von Walcke, Co-CEO of Resycure attended Finance Summit 2023

Finance Summit 2023 | September 14, 2023 | Stuttgart, Germany

About the event

The Finance Summit in Stuttgart is the ultimate nexus of Finance, Real Economy, and Politics, facilitating crucial connections between participants and key decision-makers in these sectors. This unique event boasts top-tier speakers, prestigious guests, and exclusive venues, fostering an innovative platform for leaders to engage. The Summit unfolds across 3 stages, hosts 9 panels, offers an expansive exhibition area, captivating workshops, and more. At the Stuttgart Finance Summit, thought leaders from diverse industries convene to dissect prevailing market trends, share insights, and forge invaluable connections.

Resycure’s  presence at Finance Summit 2023

Jörg von Walcke, the Co-CEO of Resycure, recently had the privilege of attending the Finance Summit 2023, where he witnessed an array of remarkable highlights. The event featured eight captivating start-up pitches, each encompassing a diverse range of topics, spanning from water conservation to cybersecurity. What truly stood out, however, was the assembly of open-minded individuals who shared a common dedication to shaping a better future.

One particularly special moment was when Jörg von Walcke had the honor of representing Resycure during the final pitch session. This opportunity not only showcased Resycure’s innovative vision but also underscored the company’s commitment to making a meaningful impact on the future of finance and sustainability.

Looking ahead

In his thoughtful reflection, Jörg von Walcke underscored the pivotal role of passion and enthusiasm in one’s professional journey. He stressed the significance of not only pursuing one’s goals but also relishing the process. Jörg expressed his sincere appreciation to the event organizers, whose insightful guidance at the Finance Summit 2023 left an indelible mark. The event, where the forces of knowledge, innovation, and collaborative spirit merged, served as a powerful catalyst for shaping a more promising and enlightened future in the world of finance and sustainability.