Chemovator celebrated its 5th birthday!

Chemovator 5th Birthday | May 10, 2023 | Mannheim, Germany

About Chemovator

Chemovator, the business incubator of BASF, recently celebrated its momentous 5th birthday on May 10, 2023, in Mannheim, Germany. Chemovator supports venture teams to turn great business proposals into scalable and investable business opportunities. Chemovator leverages the unique connection to BASF knowledge and domain expertise, ambitious founders, industry partners, universities, investors and the entrepreneurship ecosystem to create deep tech opportunities that truly matter for our industry.

Chemovator 5th Birthday

The Chemovator 5th Birthday celebration was a remarkable event that Resycure, as part of the Chemovator community, had the pleasure of joining. The occasion served as an opportunity to reflect on the incredible journey of the past five years, highlighting notable milestones and unveiling exciting plans for the future. The event featured a series of engaging speakers, providing valuable insights, and fostering networking opportunities. Attendees were treated to a delightful spread of delicious food and enjoyed the ambiance created by good music.

During this momentous celebration, Chemovator also announced a significant milestone in its journey—one that will have a transformative impact on the chemical industry. This announcement represents a pivotal moment that will shape the future direction of Chemovator and further solidify its role as a driving force of innovation.

As the Resycure team, we eagerly anticipate the years ahead, filled with groundbreaking innovations and passionate venture teams at Chemovator. We remain committed to collaborating with Chemovator and contributing to their mission of fostering entrepreneurship and driving sustainable growth in the chemical industry.

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