Unlock the Benefits of Securing Volumes of Recycled Plastics

We enable companies to prioritize their volumes and quality by fostering ongoing relationships between buyers and recyclers.


Profit from Long Term Contracts with Long Term Advantages

We facilitate the recycling process by combining demand from various companies, increasing recyclers volumes, and securing long-term contracts between buyers and recyclers for mutual benefits.

Secure a consistent supply of recycled plastic materials, reducing the risk of shortages and production disruptions.

Profit from improved collaboration, and get access to consistent PCR material quality for your production.

Rely on transparent price formulars and conditions and benefit from stability and predictability.

Take or pay with up to 30% volume flexibility.

Meet your sustainability goals by ensuring a stable supply of recycled materials.

Profit from bundled demand and limit individual risk-taking.

Save 3-4 months of development time and resources.

Experience transparent financial transactions, with broker fees paid to Resycure upon signing and payment to Recyclers upon delivery.


Join a Partnership You Can Rely On

rPP Bundle


Get access to 5000 tonnes/year of PCR rPP in Brazil!


rPP for your leave-on and home packaging applications.

rPET Bundle


Get access to 5000 tonnes/ year of PCR rPET in Europe!


rPET for the Food and Personal Care/Cosmetics Markets.

rHDPE Bundle


Get access to 5000 tonnes/year of PCR rHDPE in Europe!


rHDPE for home care packaging.

Your Journey

Secure Long-Term Access to Recycled Plastic with Just a Few Simple Steps


Choose a Bundle

Choose a bundle and upload your future volume needs and specifications in our secure and private online form


Receive Supply Offers

Get your supply proposal, including certifications, quality test results, samples, and GHG emission footprint.


Negotiate Your Prices

Negotiate a transparent, long-term contract directly with the recycler based on clear price formulas and conditions.


Enjoy the Benefits

Secure your individual long-term contract directly with the recyclers and experience the multitude of benefits.

How it Works

Explore the Ease of the Process

Take a look at our video and see how easy it works.