With Resycure buying recycled plastic is easier, faster and cheaper.
We help companies get access to harmonized specifications.
We enable companies to gain priority of their volumes and quality with qualified Recyclers.
Resycure helps companies reach their PCR content and CO2e footprint goals.
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Buying PCR plastic

Buying recycled plastic is a complex, risky and time-consuming process.

Intransparent market – capacities, prices and grades

Hard to gain priority of volumes and quality

Unharmonized specifications of PCR plastic material

 Higher volume requirements from Recyclers

How to secure PCR plastic volumes?

1. Buy a Recycler

(+) Strong supply security

(-) Huge resource commitments

(-) New business model in a new market

(-) Not scalable to other countries

2. Buy full capacity of a plant

(+) Strong supply security

(-) Very high resource commitments

(-) Not scalable to other countries where demand is lower

3. Work with us

(+) Strong supply security

(+) Limited volume commitment required

(+) Simplified procurement and qualification process

(+) Globally scalable 

How does it work?

Your benefits with us

Focus on long-term contracts negotiated and signed directly between Buyers and Recyclers

Bundled demand to increase volumes to Recyclers limiting individual risk taking

Transparent price formulas and conditions, linked with available Indexes

Reduce take or pay risk by a secondary market for non-taken volumes

Cost avoidance – we help you in locations where you do not have your own resources

Simplification – we harmonize and qualify specifications from Recyclers and Buyers

Support in the buying processincluding samples request and communication with Recyclers

GHG emissions and other sustainability data available and “reportable”

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Get access to long-term PCR material supply with us faster, easier and cheaper!