Increase Plastic Recycling with Resycure

Our goal is to create practical, realistic solutions that encourage and enhance recycling, enabling industry participants to smoothly transition into a circular economy.


Changing the Circular Economy

We are an Impact Startup and part of Chemovator, the BASF Venture Incubator. We bring a new business model to the circular economy that creates practical, realistic solutions that will incentivize and increase plastic recycling. With Resycure it is easier for small, medium, and large brand owners as well as converters to sign long-term supply agreements with Recyclers. This allows the securing their demand volumes and specifications at good conditions without the need for high commitments and at low risk.



We are shaping a future that prioritizes sustainability

We believe that to accelerate the world’s transition to the circular economy we need new business models that are designed by the industry to the industry for a real lasting effect. By establishing long term contracts between the buyer and the recycler we aim to create a practical, realistic solutions that will incentivize and increase recycling and enable industry players to transition to the circular economy.

Development Goals

Empowering a Responsible Tomorrow through the SDGs

Driven by an unyielding dedication to a sustainable future, Resycure wholeheartedly embraces and implements the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The fight against plastic waste becomes a shared responsibility with Resycure, empowering each individual to make a difference. By supporting this impactful startup, you contribute not only to a cleaner and more sustainable future but also to accelerated progress towards the SDGs.


Benefit from Long-Term Partnerships

Secure long-term contracts directly between you and the recycler, ensuring stability and commitment.


Simple – We simplify the process by harmonizing and qualifying specifications from Recyclers and Buyers


Secure – We provide supply assurance and price stability, fostering stable and reliable partnerships that enhance the security of your procurement


Cost-effective – We bundle demand and offer flexibility in order quantity to guarantee lower rates


We leverage collective strength

Our core team with an international background holds 45+ combined years of B2B experience in packaging, recycling, and logistics & sustainability know-how.


Michel is an industrial engineer with a business background. He joined BASF over 15 years ago in Sao Paulo, Brazil and since 2011 works at the headquarters in Germany. He has been in many different roles, including in-house consulting, supply chain management, strategic procurement & partnership management, marketing, and digitalization. Michel also led a global team responsible supply chain M&A and MI activities at BASF.


Jörg studied law and joined BASF 12 years ago. He worked in Ludwigshafen headquarter in different roles like legal, human resources and sustainability strategy. Jörg is a business coach and is curios – every day!

Sales Lead

Harsha is an engineer sales and market researcher with 9+ years of go-to-market strategy, customer validation & acquisition, business development, marketing, sales and product development experience. Harsha brings experience working with recyclers and brands to use PCR-materials. In the past he supported 50+ recyclers yarn and fabric manufacturers use PCR content to drive circularity. He expects to bring that experience to support brands and recyclers use post-consumer recycled plastics in their packaging.

Packaging Lead

Robert is a packaging expert with over 10 years of experience developing food & personal care products for large and small brands, optimizing packaging for sustainability, design and value. Previously located in the UK
Sweden and the Netherlands. He is currently in Germany and enjoying working with global teams.


Discover Our Partners

We believe that by working with other businesses, we can leverage our collective strengths and expertise to drive positive change and create innovative solutions.